If the sky is the limit….







why does everyone focus on the road?


Stretch possibility, think further, see the whole picture

With capability across functions and professions, Horizen Solutions will help you find the most direct route to your goals and avoid the traps that limit business progress and growth

The Talent trap:  You have talented people. You hired them because their talents match your business, but recognising the ‘art of the possible’ and delivering game-changing solutions can be near impossible when your challenges lie outside the core business, or when you can’t afford to lose your best people to support new initiatives.
The  Specialist trap: Nobody wants to make the wrong hire, but common practice places too much emphasis on previous industry, sector or profession-based experience.  Transferrable skills, judgement and insight are tough to assess in interview, but hiring ‘more of the same’ leads to closed networks, lack of insight, and stifles innovation.
Our name comes from our outlook and approach.  The ‘horizon’ element speaks to our focus on long term benefit, and commitment to delivering lasting, persistent value.  The ‘zen’ element reflects our approach; focussing on the most direct route to your goals.
Challenge assumption
Understand the present
Predict the future
Integrate people and technology
Clarity of purpose
We want to work with you to ensure the most direct route to your goals and the most elegant solution to your challenges. We’ll do things with you, not to you – so that when we depart you are in a better situation than when we arrived.